Sales Pitch

Read about why having a Sales Pitch is key to your title's success

In this guide:

  • Why is a sales pitch important?

  • Impactful talking points and how to use them

💡Why is a sales pitch important?

  • Different from a synopsis, a sales pitch is what the Filmhub sales team uses to pitch your title to channels.
  • At Filmhub, there is a strong correlation between having a well-thought-through sales pitch and success.
  • Typically, a Channel will only read your description and your sales pitch (unfortunately, Channel partners do not have the time to watch every film).

  • Without a strong sales pitch, your film will not STAND OUT amongst the thousands of other titles with which it’s competing for listing.

🎤 Impactful talking points and how to use them

We combed through thousands of pitches to provide guidance on getting your sales pitch just right. You have a maximum limit of 300 characters - you should use ‘em all!

Below are important talking points to include in your title’s sales pitch:

  • High profile names

    • What we’ve seen: “Lakeith Stanfield is in the film!”

    • How to improve: “Starring Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Get Out), Sorry to Bother You is the rare comedy that deftly balances humor and social commentary. “

  • Genre cinema

    • What we’ve seen: “The film has lots of comedy and action”

    • How to improve: “This Is The End will garner a wide-ranging audience as it successfully engages with both the comedy and action genres.”

  • Past Success

    • What we’ve seen: “My film screened at Cannes.” “It was on HBO/Netflix.” “It’s on YouTube.”

    • How to Improve: “ The film was in the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes.” “The film was the 15th most streamed horror film on Netflix in 2021.” “It has 2M views on Youtube.”

  • Comparisons to other films

    • What we’ve seen: “ ____ is Mission Impossible Fallout meets Pulp Fiction.”

    • How to Improve:” ____ has pristinely choreographed action like Mission Impossible Fallout with the intricate plotting of Pulp Fiction.”

  • Something exciting about the film

    • Ex: “The Power of the Dog, Starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange, Imitation Game), is able to satisfy Fans of comedy through Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, who rattles off many hilarious insults. (This film is a drama)

  • A clear audience

    • What we’ve seen: “Fans of action films will love Mad Max: Fury Road.” (Better to be SPECIFIC!)

    • How to improve: “80s action junkies will be enamored by the practical stunts performed in Mad Max: Fury Road.”

  • Be specific

    • What we’ve seen: “Palm Springs is one of the best comedies of the decade”

    • How to improve: “The relationship between Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti in Palm Springs will remind Millennial viewers of their past relationships.”