Artwork - Best Practices

Best practice guidelines for your title artwork

Why is artwork important?

The artwork you submit is generally the first and most important thing that a Channel will consider when evaluating whether or not to license your title. First impressions count!

If you don’t have professional-looking artwork, it becomes nearly impossible for your title to get selected or perform well.

Consider your own behavior when deciding what to watch. Does your artwork resemble a title you would want to watch?

For artwork requirements, please see our Artwork Requirements article.

Artwork design best practices

Your artwork is the single most important factor in getting viewers to watch your title.

We are living in an increasingly thumbnail-based world; you will want to make sure your artwork is recognizable and easy to understand, from iPhone to 85-inch TV, no matter the size of the screen.

Some tips to keep in mind for designing great artwork:
  • Is this something you would see on a premium streaming channel? Does it have a vibrant, distinctive, and consistent color scheme?
  • No ancillary text ****outside of the main title name. The title is the only text allowed on the artwork, no subtext, laurels, or billing blocks.
    • Too much text obfuscates the title name and just looks noisy.
  • Does it have a stylish font and clean visual aesthetic?
  • Is it too minimalist?
    • For example, a plain black poster with white text.
  • Does the subject of the image (i.e. main character, key objects, setting...) clearly communicate the genre and/or plot of the title?
  • Are there any known actors in your film? If so, you should consider including them on the main poster, as it will help drive licensing and viewership.
  • Do you get a sense of the narrative when looking at the poster, and is that narrative compelling?

Overall, is the artwork something you would click on when scrolling a channel’s catalog – or can you imagine your intended audience clicking on it?

We understand that not everyone has access to professional graphic designers, which is why image creation is one of Filmhub's optional Professional Services.

Here are some examples of artwork with before and afters: