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Interpreting Rights

Interpreting Rights

Rights can, at times, be a tricky topic to navigate. Below, we have outlined everything you need to know and have broken down the more complex scenarios.

All Rights Available

Rights for any title can be found under the Avails tab within an individual’s title page.

When all rights are available, they will look like the screenshot below.

This screenshot shows that the producer has made all "License Types" available, in all "Countries", without any time constraint. As most deals are non-exclusive, a producer may take down a title whenever needed, subject to Channel licensing terms. Also, Channels can pay for a fixed-duration license.

Managed Rights

From time to time, a producer may have already sold off rights to their titles elsewhere - we call these carve-outs. When this happens, Filmhub wants to help producers get their titles listed everywhere else it is available. Enter Managed Rights.

How to Read Rights:

License Types - the manner in which channels monetize

  • Transactional - This refers to online video purchases and rentals.

  • Ad-Supported - This refers to revenue-generated from advertising while streaming an online video. This model is typically free for the end user. This license type also covers FAST rights.

  • Subscription - This refers to a subscription model such as Amazon Prime.


Countries are grouped by two colors:

Green = available in these countries only

Red = excluded in these countries or available everywhere except these countries


For this title, it’s only available in the below countries as they’re all green.


For this title, it’s available everywhere except the below countries in red.

Below is an example of a more complex managed rights title - we’ve broken it down to better understand.


Rights consist of three blocks

[License Types available] + [dates available] + [the defined territories]

So the above title would read as:

  • [Ad-Supported, Subscription] + [2025-05-30 - 2026-03-04] + [only US, CA]

  • [Ad-Supported, Subscription, Transactional] + [open - 2026-03-04] + [excluding US, CA] - can also be read as [Ad-Supported, Subscription, Transactional] + [open - 2026-03-04] + [everywhere except US, CA]

  • [Transactional] + [open - 2026-03-04] + [only US, CA]

The above entries are mutually exclusive - they do not overlap.

The first entry defines the rights for US, CA. The second entry by definition omits the first, by omitting the US, CA. Also, Transactional was not addressed for the US, CA. This typically happens when available dates are different.

To break it down further:

  • Ad-Supported, Subscription - not available in US, CA until 2025-05-30

  • Ad-Supported, Subscription, Transactional - available everywhere except US, CA beginning now

  • Transactional - available worldwide

    • In the second entry, beginning now until 2026-03-04, the title is available for TVOD everywhere EXCEPT the US & CA

    • In the third entry, beginning now until 2026-03-04, the title is ALSO available for TVOD IN the US & CA

    • These rows work together to show the title is available worldwide for TVOD from now until 2026-03-04.

Managed rights are occasionally updated with new carve-outs. Some managed rights can look overwhelming, but go back to basics, look at License Types, Dates, and Countries.