What is SLOW (Ambient) content?

Ambient content, more commonly known as SLOW content, is becoming increasingly popular and in demand.

But what is SLOW content?

The genre is popular as a calming alternative soundscape that people love to work, study, relax, meditate, chill, and even fall asleep to.

Slow content can range from footage of waves crashing, a bike ride, a train ride, a crackling fireplace, aerial drone shots over a forest, nighttime sky-scapes, a scenic nature tour with relaxing music, or an infinite number of possibilities - with relaxing music being key.

This content is made for people to slow down or have as background noise when participating in other activities. As our lives get busier and busier, channels are looking for this type of content to help people SLOW down.

As far as requirements, nothing changes; all standard title requirements apply.