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Filmhub Distribution Deal Types (Revenue Share, Fixed Fee)

Our distribution deal types

A deal type refers to the type of financial agreement made between Filmhub and a Channel. Deal types are viewable for each Channel by clicking on "Channels" and navigating to "Deal Type" on the left side of an individual Channel's description page.

The two deal types mentioned in this guide are Revenue Share and Fixed Fee.

In this guide:

  • Revenue Share

  • Fixed Fee

  • FAQs

🤝 Revenue Share

  • Filmhub/You + Channels share a portion of the revenue generated from your licensed titles.

  • The more your titles are watched, the more revenue they generate.

  • This allows Channels to license more content and pay for what is watched.

  • Because of our size, market presence, knowledge, and growth, Filmhub is generally able to negotiate more favorable agreements than individuals or smaller distributors.

🤝 Fixed Fee

  • A Channel pays a fee to Filmhub for the right to distribute a Title for a set License Period.

  • This fee is typically paid upfront or in installments and is not dependent on your titles being watched, but this means if your titles are successful you may not make as much money.

  • The exact payment scheme can vary depending on the agreement with the Channel.


  • If a Channel licenses via both Revenue Share and Fixed Fee deal types, how does Filmhub decide which deal type to use?

    • We’re always equally incentivized to make you the most money. If a Channel licenses in both styles, it’s likely that for 99% of titles, they will license on a Revenue Share basis. If a title is a solid fit for a Channel and falls into curation criteria set by the Channels, we will pitch for a fixed fee license.

    • A lot of these fixed-fee licenses tend to be disadvantageous to the producer as the Channel thinks they can make more money by paying upfront and making more money on the backend.

    • If there is ever a toss-up on what deal makes more sense, we will reach out to you to get your input!

  • I’m interested in my title being sold on a Fixed Fee basis exclusively to one Channel, how can I make that happen?

    • Filmhub is always looking to get you the most money for your title, so if that makes sense we will pitch an exclusive deal.

    • Generally for an exclusive deal to make sense (especially with Channels focused on titles with Big Budgets), your title must meet these minimum requirements that they set:

      1. Budget: $500,000+

      2. Cast: Talent who are part of the Top 1000 on IMDb's Starmeter.

      3. Type: New Release that has never been displayed anywhere OR a massively successful catalog film with 20K+ Ratings on IMDb

      4. Required Materials: Trailer, EPK, Cue Sheets, Chain of Title

    • Originals & Co-Productions generally follow the same criteria