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Video Streams Error Explained

Understanding the multi-video steam error

If you're receiving the error message "Main.ffprobe.streams[3]", that means there's an output setting in the video encoder that's writing more than one video stream to the file. Please inspect your settings and output a video with only one stream.

Currently, this issue seems to be limited to Apple NLE exports, iMovie and FCPX, and Compressor. The second video stream is always an Apple Motion JPEG.

Potential solutions

  • Before exporting your final video, while on the final timeline/sequence on your video editing software, make sure to remove all unused or extra video tracks, such as tracks containing images or other graphic content, it’s best to render these into one "flat" track and then encode it as a master file.

  • Remux the offending video to a new .MKV container using the Remux app.

  • If exporting from Apple Products, re-export on Adobe media encoder.