Making Changes & Re-Delivering
After your Title passes QC it is locked to ensure consistency when delivering to Channels.
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If you need to make changes after submission, please contact us using the help widget at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. If you need to update your videos, captions, or artwork there is a $50/charge to make the relevant updates.

Re-Delivery to Channels

If you would like your title re-delivered to a channel your title has already been delivered to, please message us to handle the re-delivery. Each re-delivery to a channel costs $25.00 charged against future earnings.

Changes to live titles are discouraged by most streaming services. Procedures, timing, and reliability vary from service to service (typically it takes 2-8 weeks). Don't expect changes done overnight. This is unfortunately beyond our control.

Managed Rights Changes & Takedown Requests

Sometimes your rights change after submission - for example, if you enter into traditional (exclusive) distribution deals some time down the road.

  • Contact us (support * at * filmhub * dot * com) and we will set the Title to removed when we notify the Channel.

  • Each Channel has its own procedures and timeline for removals. It is outside of our control.

  • If there is a new rights owner, we'd appreciate an introduction so we can transfer the Title directly to them and don't even need to have title removed form Channels. You may even qualify for a referral!

We are unable to delete titles from your account, because there may still be Earnings being collected for your title.

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