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My Titles: Managing Titles and Tracking Updates
My Titles: Managing Titles and Tracking Updates

How to add, edit, and track status updates for your Movies and Shows

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Whether you need to Edit an existing title, Add a new title, or track the QC or Distribution status of a Movie or Show, the My Titles page is your central hub to manage your catalog on Filmhub.


In this guide:

How to: Add a New Movie or Show

1️⃣ Step 1: To add a new Movie or Show, click Add on the My Titles page and select whether you are uploading a Movie (Single Work) or Show (Series with multiple episodes).

  • Note: If you are uploading a Pilot and do not have additional episodes to support a multi-episode Show, please upload it as a Movie.

2️⃣ Step 2: Next, add your Video(s) and fill out all required information before submitting to QC.

How to: Edit an Incomplete Movie or Show

✍️ To edit a title that has not been submitted to QC, click on the individual Movie or Show and select EDIT. Once your listing is ready to be reviewed by QC, click Submit. (remember to click Save Progress before you click Submit).

🚨 Please note: All ACTIVE titles will be locked for distribution and uneditable. If you need to make changes to an ACTIVE title, please reach out to [email protected]. Making changes to artwork, captions, or videos involves added fees (see more information here). If you decide to apply changes to an ACTIVE title, charges will be applied against your Filmhub Statements.

Tracking the QC Status of your Titles

1️⃣ Step 1: Once logged into your account, click on the My Titles page and reference the My Titles section (left of Distribution Updates).

2️⃣ Step 2: My Titles displays all of the Movies and Shows you have added to your Filmhub account.

Status Definitions

  • Incomplete = The listing page for the Movie or Show has not been completed and submitted to QC (Quality Control) for review.

  • Submitted = The Movie or Show has been successfully submitted to QC.

  • In Review = A technician on the QC team is reviewing all the assets and listing information associated with your Movie or Show. This process generally takes 3-5 business days.

  • Action Needed = The Movie or Show you submitted Failed QC, and the errors need to be fixed before we can pass the title through QC and begin the distribution process. Please check your email inbox, spam, and promotions folders for the title’s QC Fail Reasons.

  • Active = The Movie or Show successfully passed QC and is actively being pitched to Filmhub’s Channels.

  • Inactive = The Movie or Show was previously active but has since been removed from Filmhub’s catalog and is no longer being pitched to Channels.

Tracking Distribution Updates

1️⃣ Step 1: Once logged into your account, click on the My Titles page and navigate to the section on the right-hand side that reads ‘Distribution Updates.’

2️⃣ Step 2: Distribution Updates includes four (4) key columns:

  • Last Update: Date of last Status update.

  • Channel: The Channel that Licensed your Movie or Show.

  • Title: The Movie or Show being Licensed.

  • Status: Current state of the License.

    • Licensed = Channel is actively licensing your Movie or Show. See the FAQs below for go-live timelines as well as Performance and payment timelines.

    • Removed = Channel has removed the license and your Movie or Show is no longer available to viewers. See the FAQs below for why Movies and Shows are Removed.


How Can I Tell if My Title Is Live on a Channel?

  • Channels do not report to Filmhub when a title goes live.

  • Once your title has a Licensed status, go to the Channel's platform and search for your Title. Check back often as it generally takes Channels 2 - 12 weeks to push your title live. This depends on each Channel and is out of Filmhub’s control.

  • If it’s been longer than 12 weeks, let us know and we will contact the Channel. It is possible that the Channel is taking longer to push it live due to their internal release schedules or they have decided not to take the title live.

Can Filmhub Provide Me With a Live URL for My Title on a Given Channel?

  • Unfortunately, Channels do not provide us with a URL for your title. You will have to search for this yourself. This is true even for larger Channels such as Amazon Prime Video & Tubi.

  • Since some Channels display content on platforms such as Roku, Xumo, Pluto TV, Fire TV, iOS, etc. they may not even have URLs available.

Why was my Title Removed by a Channel?

  • Channels occasionally remove titles that they say are not aligned with their ever-changing content policies.

  • Their removals most of the time don’t make sense and, unfortunately, they do reject and remove good-quality content. We have even seen top festival winners removed.

  • Unfortunately, they don’t give us a reason, and they do not allow us to appeal this decision.

  • You will be paid for all views until your title is taken down according to the normal earnings Schedule.

Will I Know If My Title Was Declined by a Channel?

  • No, most Channels will skip the titles that they are not interested in.

When Will I See My First Performance Reports?

  • It can sometimes take upwards of 6 months after delivery before Performance metrics are available for a given Channel due to reporting timelines. Channels generally report Monthly or Quarterly.

  • Check the Schedule in your account for information regarding expected timeframes for receiving performance data and payments, as well as historical data for payments received from Channels.

  • Performance will vary from your actual earnings received.

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