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Why We Name Files With Title SKUs Instead of Title Names

Why Filmhub names files with unique, title SKUs instead of the name of the title.

When delivering titles to a Channel Partner, we always prefer naming files in a delivery package with the Filmhub SKU instead of the name of the movie or show itself. This guide is here to explain why that is and best practices for Channel Partners to organize delivered titles based on the Filmhub SKU.

In this guide:

Why do we name files with the Filmhub SKU?

  • A Filmhub SKU is a unique, alphanumeric identifier for each title. It consists of 9 characters in the format xxxx-xxxx. A unique SKU will never match with two titles. 
    • Two different titles can have the same title name. If a Channel Partner orders two titles that are both named The Adventure, then it will be hard to distinguish which files belong to which title based on name alone.
    • Did you know that there are 34 films or TV shows all called The Awakening?!
    • Handling foreign characters becomes increasingly complex for file naming purposes. How often do you see file names that include Chinese characters, the Russian alphabet, or even just special characters (!@#$%^&*\=+}{[])?

    Best Practices for Channel Partners

    Finding the Filmhub SKU is easy. Using the title Tears of Steel as an example, when clicking on a title in the app, the SKU is found on the "Profile" tab near the bottom of the page. You can also find the SKU at the end of the URL on the title page.

      • Example 1 (on the "Profile" tab)

      • Example 2 (URL)
    • If you need to find a title name based on the SKU, you can then search for the title on the "Titles" page using the title's SKU.