Filmhub's Content Policy

Do's and Don'ts for Content

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Content Policy Overview

Filmhub accepts a wide range of film, TV, and video content regardless of format, genre, topic, language, runtime, or perceived production quality. We celebrate creativity and give all content creators equal access to Filmhub. Breaking from traditional industry practices, Filmhub has no gatekeepers.

Our vision is that only the audience should curate. We do not reject any content based on our subjective judgment and preference.

However, we do have a basic Content Policy in place in an effort to keep Filmhub a trustworthy source for our Channel Partners to find content that fits their audience. Content violating the below policies is not accepted on Filmhub and can result in your title being removed or having your account suspended.

As long as you don't violate these policies, you can submit your content. There is no need for any "approval" requests.

We also want to help you, the creators, to increase your chance of being picked up by the channels as wide as possible. Our policies are based on our experience with countless buyer transactions. The more you follow them, we believe the higher your chances of wide distribution are.

Filmhub Content Policies

Minimum Exploitation Period

  • Your title must have available rights (indicated in the 'Avails' tab) to distribute across at least one licensing type for a minimum of 12 months from when you Submit.

Minimum Duration

  • Your title must be longer than 2 minutes. This includes Episodes in a Show.

Incomplete Seasons

  • You must provide all completed episodes for a given season. We do not accept partial seasons of a Show. 
  • You can provide individual seasons of a Show as long as each season contains all episodes.

Minimum Episodes

  • We require at least two (2) episodes per season of a Show.


  • We do not accept explicit video content made “for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal”. (Wikipedia)

Violent or Graphic Content

  • Content that depicts extreme or real-life violence in sensational, gratuitous ways may not be accepted.

Unlawful Content

  • We respect freedom of speech, but content that promotes, endorses, or glorifies crime, terrorism, hatred against certain individuals or groups, or other illegal activities, may not be accepted.


  • We do not allow titles that promote unsubstantiated conspiracy theories or inaccurate information.

Intentionally Deceptive Information

  • Inaccurate information/metadata that is intended to deceive channels or viewers is prohibited. This includes falsifying cast and crew to seem similar to known individuals.

Promotional Content

  • Content made to promote a non-profit or for-profit business or brand is not accepted.

Home Videos

  • By its definition, “an amateur video made in the home or documenting a family event” may not be accepted. We understand that your work may have a home video quality for a limited budget or creative reasons, but a clip of your friend's wedding party shot for the sole purpose of documentation, for example, is not eligible.

Visual Experience

  • Your title must rely on a visual experience. Pure still images with music or a single person speaking do not make your title a visual experience. Video Blogs and How-To Videos are not allowed.

Music Videos

  • While we love music videos, we are focused on cinema-type content and do not accept music videos.

Bonus Feature Content

  • While we greatly appreciate bonus features, we do not accept extra supplemental content as stand-alone titles. This includes making-ofs, outtakes, commentaries, deleted scenes, alternate endings, bloopers, clips, or other behind-the-scenes bonus material. Bonus features are usually reserved for physical media extras accompanying the main content of a DVD, HD-DVD, and BluRay.

3D or VR Content

  • We currently do not accept content intended to be experienced as 3D or VR that requires glasses and/or devices with compatible technology to view in its intended presentation. We only accept 2D (flat) content that is intended to be viewed without the use of specialized devices or glasses. The 2D content viewing experience should not be affected by any overlapping images, blur, or distortion produced from the original 3D/VR deliberate effects. 3D animation intended to be presented in 2D is acceptable.

Public Domain Content

  • We accept public domain content on a first-in basis.

One Version per Piece of Content

  • We only accept one version of each piece of content. You cannot take a Movie and break it into a Show and have 2 separate titles. You also cannot submit separate edits or cuts of a title. If a title has been remade and fully re-shot with a new cast, locations, etc. that is okay.

Anthology Films

  • Films that are individual works but tie together with overarching themes, locations, etc... must be uploaded as separate Movies. For a collection of Short Films, they should be uploaded as a Show with individual Episodes or combined into a Movie with ONE (1) set of end credits at the tail. No mention of episodes is allowed in Movies.