Self-Promoting Your Live Title

Now that my Movie or Series has been delivered and it's live, how do I make sure people actually know it's there?

Once your title has been selected by a channel, the channel may or may not market your film directly. Most channels only make your title available to end consumers to view and you need to actually get people to go see it. As a reminder - Filmhub does not handle any end consumer marketing. The success of your film on a platform is ultimately up to you.


This is a very deep topic, and it needs much more detail but to give you a start around some ideas to drive greater viewership and revenues here you go:

1. Create your own website dedicated to the film or your production company and include details on the films. Example.

2. Build social media followings across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other relevant social platforms.

3. Use paid ads on these platforms to drive customers to view your film.

4. Make it known which platforms your title is live on so people know where to find it. Some platforms provide brand assets for producers to use. See below.

5. Build your following via forums, email discussion listservs, etc.

6. Drive reviews to your film on Amazon Prime Video, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and other film review sites.

Channel Specific Information