Rights Owner Switches

Have you recently sold your title?

With Filmhub, you can change ownership of the title and the new owner can continue receiving royalties on Channels the title has been distributed to.


In order to assign your title to a new rights holder on Filmhub please follow these steps:

  1. From your Filmhub account email address - message support@filmhub.com and CC the new content owner's email (make sure its the email they have their account under with Filmhub) with the title name and URL that you would like to switch over to the new content owner and when you would like for it to switchover.

  2. We will send an email asking the new owner to confirm their current rights.

  3. Since most Channels do not provide exact dates in their reports, the old owner will receive all earnings through the end of each Channel's current Watch Period. If a Channel reports monthly, they will receive the earnings through the end of the month. If the Channel reports quarterly they will receive payments through the end of the quarterly reporting period. These payments will be paid in accordance with our standard Earnings Timeline.