How do I transcode videos in Adobe Media Encoder?

Learn how to easily transcode your video files.

We always prefer the best Master quality over Youtube and Vimeo presets.

Upload only Broadcast / Film Festival Grade Masters.

  • To export, use only ProRes HQ or DNxHR HQ, and PCM audio. These are production codecs.

  • Preferably no H.264. Definitely, no presets with YouTube or Vimeo, please.

  • Never up-convert video or audio, which will result in a subpar file and may be rejected by channels.

You can check our help page for Supported Video and Audio Codecs.

If for some reason you already have a Master file and want to transcode it to an alternative supported codec, you can use Adobe Media Encoder.

Step 1: Open Adobe Media Encoder

After opening you can drag and drop the Master file into the Queue Tab window.

Step 2: Select the Format and the Codec

Click on the first blue name (QuickTime) to open the export settings menu.

Select Format > QuickTime.


After that Select Preset > Apple ProRes 422HQ.

These presets will guarantee the best video and audio quality.

Step 3: Fine Tune Your Settings if Needed

Under the Video tab, all settings are selected by default to match the source video, if you need to change the resolution, frame rate, etc you can un-select and adjust.


The same applies to the Audio tab.

Step 4: Choose Filename and Location

Click the blue filename to open the Save As dialog box. Use this to choose an export location and a name for your new file, and then click Save.


Next Click OK at the bottom of the settings menu.


The Media Encoder window will show up again.

Step 5: Transcode Time!

Now you are all set to export your video, just click on the Green Play Button.

After the transcode finishes, play the file to see if everything is ok and start uploading to Filmhub.