Catalog Import: Asset Transfer Process

Instructions for transferring assets for Catalog Import

At Filmhub, assets are stored in Amazon S3 buckets. There are many ways for Filmhub to ingest your catalog onto our servers.

If you use a transfer service like Aspera or Signiant Media Shuttle, you can simply set up an access point for your tech contact to begin the transfer.

Otherwise, we can set up an access point in a Filmhub S3 bucket for you to transfer files via FTP. We recommend using Cyberduck, which is reliable and works on most systems.

Cyberduck S3 access steps

Setup Filmhub Connection

How to save connection information in a bookmark in Cyberduck.

  • Create a new bookmark and select Amazon S3 from the dropdown. Choose a nickname that describes the connection for your own reference, like "Filmhub S3 access".
  • Add your provided Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. These will be shared separately in a secure, time-limited basis. Your tech contact will be the recipient.
  • Expand the More Options toggle and paste the provided bucket location into the Path field.
  • Close the dialog box. All other fields can be left blank or default.

New bookmark dialog on Windows


New bookmark on Mac OS

Optimize Cyberduck settings for large uploads

  • Open Settings/Preferences and navigate to the S3 heading. Set Default ACL as "None". Under the Bandwidth tab, ensure your Uploads Maximum Throughput setting is set to Unlimited or the highest setting possible. Close the dialog.

    S3 settings on Windows


    S3 settings on Mac OS

    Test Filmhub connection

    • Open the new bookmark.  A blank screen should appear upon successful connection.
    • Upload a small test file.  After notifying your tech contact, we’ll confirm receipt and begin the full delivery.