Dedicated Acquisitions Executive

Work with a dedicated Acquisitions Executive to position your movies and shows for distribution success

In this guide:

Dedicated Acquisitions Executive Overview

Our team has worked on titles that have generated $5B+ in licensing revenue across every genre and format worldwide. We understand what buyers are looking for and how to position titles to maximize every license across all rights types.

  • Acquisitions Executives have a hand in every part of your title's distribution, from packaging to positioning to buyers.
  • Working directly with an Acquisitions Executive allows you to leverage their expertise and insights to maximize your title’s chances of success.

Quarterly Review

  • Once you upgrade to Distribution Pro, your dedicated Acquisitions Executive will schedule your quarterly review within 24 hours.
  • The quarterly review will cover:
    • New Releases: Review quality control reports, localization efforts, and release strategies to optimize your title's impact and reach.
    • Performance Analysis: Identify key opportunities to enhance licensing revenue and drive sustainable growth.
    • Buyer Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into evolving buying behaviors and emerging deal opportunities.
    • Marketing Strategies: Discover new avenues and best practices to bolster your marketing efforts and amplify your title's visibility in the marketplace.