Move Distribution Rights to Filmhub

We help many of our clients distribute titles previously or still distributed by other distributors/sales agents.

In this guide:

Current/Previous Distributor Holds Exclusive Rights

If another distributor holds exclusive rights, we cannot distribute those rights without their permission. In this instance, here are your options:

  1. Ask the distributor to sublicense the title to Filmhub. Make sure they have the necessary sublicensing rights in your current contract with them. 
    1. Here is a sample email you can send to your current distributor (please cc:
      1. "Hi XYZ, I'm interested in expanding the licensing opportunities for my movie/show.  I want to introduce you to the team at Filmhub, who is interested in sub-licensing my title.  Filmhub is a distributor that works with 100s of other distributors and sales agents for sub-licensing. Could you please work with them to get deliverables submitted so their sales team can help us both make some more money?  Their model is a simple 80/20 revenue split with no expenses or deductions. They will work around the deals that you already have in place, and you can carve out rights types/territories that are not available with the Filmhub team."
  2. If you are unhappy with their services, ask the distributor to cancel your agreement. Sometimes, they will do the right thing and let you exit the agreement, but sometimes, you may need to get a lawyer involved.

Current/Previous Distributor Holds Non-Exclusive Rights

If another distributor holds non-exclusive rights, we can work directly with you!  To submit your title, follow these instructions.

Current/Previous Distributor's Rights are Expiring Soon

If your rights currently held by another distributor are expiring and you want to have Filmhub distribute your title:

  1. Channels do not allow for "titles to be swapped" to another distributor, so we will need the previous distributor to take down the title and then re-pitch your title to Channel.
  2. Submit your title 3-4 months before the rights expire to ensure we can start pitching it early.
    1. When you submit, please upload any previous licensing agreements, revenue statements, or details where your title was previously licensed as documents. This helps our sales team re-pitch your title to channels you were previously licensed to and increases your likelihood of licensing success.
  3. Once your current distributor's rights expire, ensure they send final removal notices to all channels where your title is licensed.
    1. If the distributor does not remove licenses from the Channel once their rights have expired, you can file a DMCA takedown request directly with the Channel. 
      1. Please ensure you are filing a DMCA takedown against the license by your previous distributor and not Filmhub!