How To: Submit Your Title for Distribution

Understand deliverables needed to submit your title

In this guide:

  1. Why Filmhub requires certain information/assets
  2. Sections to complete in order to submit your title
  3. How to review "What's missing?"
  4. Submitting your title

Why Filmhub requires certain deliverables

To distribute your movies and shows across our network of Channel partners, we must collect certain information and assets to meet the various requirements of each Channel. While not all fields are required as you're preparing to submit your title, we strongly suggest providing as much information and detail as possible, as this will help market and expand the licensing potential.

As technology develops, so do the technical standards of Channels worldwide. A video file that may have been accepted to a Channel in the past may no longer meet the same Channel's current standards. That's why we ask you to provide the highest quality assets you have.

Filmhub waits to pitch your title until it has passed our Quality Control (QC).  When a Channel licenses a title from Filmhub, we must ensure that the assets will meet their technical requirements.

Please review our Asset Requirements for Video & Audio, Artwork, and Captions to ensure your title meets the technical standards of the Channels we work with.

Steps to submit your title

  1. Add a new Movie/Show
  2. Video page
  3. Profile page
  4. Listing page
  5. Artwork page
  6. Avails page
  7. Documents page
  8. Episodes - for Shows only

The "What's missing?" button on your title page will tell you the missing deliverables