Filmhub Asset Requirements Overview

An overview of the assets required to submit your Movie or Show

In this guide:

What assets are required to be submitted

  1. Video & Audio Requirements
  2. Artwork Requirements
  3. Captions Requirements

Why these assets are required

To distribute your movies and shows across our constantly growing network of Channel partners, we must ensure the assets meet the quality control standards of each Channel. 

As technology develops, so do the technical standards of Channels worldwide. A video file that may have been accepted to a Channel in the past may no longer meet the same Channel’s current technical standards. That’s why we ask you to provide the highest quality assets you have.

Channels are becoming increasingly strict with the level of quality they will accept. As their standards increase, so must Filmhub’s to ensure our client’s movies and shows can be distributed across as many licensing opportunities as possible.

Channel-specific requirements

Certain Channels require specific assets to license a title (trailers, 16x9 textless images, etc.). You can learn more about each Channel’s requirements when you visit the Channel’s overview on the Filmhub Channel Partners page. If you provide assets that do not meet our requirements or do not provide the proper assets, we will create the assets for you if necessary to secure your distribution on different Channels.