Performance: Analyzing My Performance

How to track performance data directly in your Filmhub account.

Performance enables you, as a producer, to understand how your Movies and Shows resonate with audiences across Channels.

In this guide:

Performance: What is it and why does it matter?

  • As the rights holder of a licensed Movie or Show, you want to know how audiences engage with your titles across all Channels.

  • This is why we provide revenue reports for your Titles in the Performance tab on your Dashboard.

  • You can use Performance to see high-level trends. It is particularly useful to help you track the success of your marketing efforts and promotions. Want to see if a sponsored Facebook post increased views on Tubi for June? Now, you can see the results at a glance.

Key Performance Metrics

Towards the top of the Performance page, you will see two key metrics:

  1. Verified Earnings: Earnings verified and transferred.

  2. Reports: The total estimated earnings Filmhub has generated for your Titles

Performance Graph

  • Once your title begins receiving Reports from the Channels it has been licensed to, the graph on this page will display gray bars representing the estimated reports

  • Once Earnings have been Verified & Transferred each bar will automatically update and turn green to indicate Verified Earnings.

How is Performance Calculated?

  • To create the Performance metric in your account, we collect reports from Channels. We then normalize these reports. Performance gets updated as we import new data often and regularly, so we recommend checking back frequently.

    • Note: Each Channel calculates Performance and payments differently based on its Channel Pricing Format. Once we receive new raw data, we consolidate it into Reports on your Performance page.

  • Performance data is shown as amounts net of Filmhub’s revenue share.

  • Verified Earnings and Reports often will not be equal as actual payments received from channels often don’t match the initial reports due to bank transfer fees, refunds, foreign conversion fees, etc.

When do I get Paid?

  • Funds are made available for you to Verify & Transfer as soon as the Channels pay Filmhub according to the Schedule, which shows timelines for expected performance reporting as well as historical and planned payments

Different Ways to View Your Performance



  • At the top of your Performance page, you can filter by a Monthly or Quarterly view:


  • Separately, you can filter by a custom month range:


  • You can also filter by individual Title or Channel Performance below the Performance Graph. By default, the Top 10 Performing Titles and Channels will be displayed. Here, you can also export and download Performance reports as a CSV: