Custom Studio Name

How to passthrough your production company name as the 'Studio Name' credit for your title(s) on specific Channels.

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Custom Studio Name Overview

  • A 'Studio Name' refers to the name of the production company that produced a movie or TV show, and is found on the titles listing page.
  • This field is mandatory and typically defaults to the name of the distribution company.
  • The Custom Studio Name feature gives you the option to credit your production company name as the 'Studio Name' on certain Channels.
  • When this feature is enabled, the 'Production Company' input into the field on the Filmhub Listing tab will be used as the studio name 
  • This means that your studio name will be visible to audiences and associated with your releases, instead of 'Filmhub'.
  • This opportunity allows you to further establish your brand presence and recognition by having your name listed as the Studio for your movies and shows.

Where Does the Studio Name Appear

  • Each Channel displays the studio name differently but can typically be found under the 'About' or 'More Info' sections of the title listing.
  • Apple TV:
  • Fandango at Home:

Channels that Support Custom Studio Names

Enable the Custom Studio Name Feature

You must be an active subscriber to Distribution Plus or Pro to enable this feature.

  1. Click on your name in the bottom left corner to access your Account Settings.
  2. Locate the 'Pro Features' section.
  3. Toggle on 'Custom Studio Name'.


Once enabled, any new licenses/deliveries will now use your title's 'Production Company' name as the studio name for Channels that support it.

  • Note - The studio name can only be applied for new licenses/deliveries once the feature is enabled, we cannot update the studio name for previously delivered titles.