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How Filmhub Sells Your Movies & Shows

An overview of how our Sales team works with your title once acquired.

How it Works:

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Title’s Licensing Potential

  1. Titles with strong artwork and high production value are more likely to be selected.
    1. Need some new artwork? We can help with that.
  2. A trailer enables our Sales team to give Channels a preview of your story. 
    1. Make sure your trailer meets our video requirements before submitting.
  3. Tags allow our Sales team to put your titles in front of the right buyers. This is a critical step to help pitch your title.
    1. 20+ tags is a great start!
  4. A compelling sales pitch is an essential element our Sales team uses when pitching your title to Channels. 
    1. This is a great place to note any awards or well-known cast members.
  5. An IMDb page for your title is a key element Channels use to determine credibility and potential audience.
    1. Before submitting, include an IMDb link in your title’s listing tab (ideally with 50+ votes). 

We Review Your Active Title

  • Our Sales team reviews each element of your movie or show in-depth to determine which Channels would be a good fit.
    • Essential elements of your title include high-quality artwork, a well-produced trailer, a compelling sales pitch, 20+ tags, a complete cast list, and an IMDb page.

We Pitch Your Title to Channels

  • Pitching starts immediately after your title is successfully acquired (listed as 'Active'). 
  • Your title will be pitched to any Channel where it meets their content requirements and programming strategies. Channel-specific content requirements can be found on their profile page in the Channels page in your account. 
  • The timeline for when a Channel issues a license can vary based on their programming needs and strategy.

  • As your title generates more revenue, it's likely more Channels will want to issue a license as your Filmhub popularity score increases.

    • For example, when producers choose to self-distribute on Amazon, it can greatly hurt their future earning potential on Filmhub since we don’t have the extra data in our system to increase the title’s licensing potential.