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Filmhub's Distribution Process in 6 Steps

A step-by-step guide on how partnering with Filmhub works.

  1. We Acquire Your Title for Distribution
    1. Once you submit your Movie or Show for distribution, our in-house Quality Control (QC) team will thoroughly review your title (typically within 3-5 business days) to verify that all technical requirements have been met. Our team will attempt to fix minor technical issues to help your title pass the review. If your submission has issues we cannot resolve on your behalf, we will email you.
    2. See How To Submit Your Title For Distribution to ensure your title meets Filmhub’s Asset Requirements.
  1. We Pitch to Channels
    1. Once your title passes our QC review, our Licensing team immediately begins pitching to any Channel where your title meets content requirements. We know what Channels are looking for, so we can maximize your title’s licensing potential. Ultimately, the licensing decision is up to each Channel, but we advise them along the way.
    2. See How Filmhub Sells Your Movies & Shows article for more info.
  2. We Secure Licenses
    1. When a Channel licenses your title, we immediately process, package, and send all deliverables according to the Channel’s technical requirements. For each new License, you will be updated in the “Distribution Updates” section of your My Titles page.
    2. See the Managing Titles and Tracking Updates article for more info.
  3. Channels Release Your Title to Viewers
    1. After your title is licensed, Channels typically release it within 2-12 weeks. It can occasionally take longer, depending on each Channel’s operations and programming strategies. 
    2. We do not receive release notifications from Channels, review the 'Finding Your Titles' section within each description within the Filmhub Channel Partners page.
    3. See the Managing Titles and Tracking Updates article for more info.
  4. Channels Send Performance Data
    1. Channels send performance data to Filmhub once viewership occurs. 
    2. Refer to the “Performance” column of the Schedule in your account to understand when each Channel reports performance data.
    3. Please take a look at the Performance article for more info.
  5. You Get Paid
    1. After the title starts generating revenue, Channels pay Filmhub.
    2. Refer to the “Payment” column of the Schedule to understand when each Channel sends payments.
    3. We collect and process payments immediately; you will receive 80% of the earned revenue. Earnings on your Transfer page will be available to verify and transfer (this takes 2-3 business days).
    4. Once the transfer is completed, your Statements will be updated.