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Common QC Errors

Don't Make These Common Mistakes!

Producers submit hundreds of titles for Filmhub to QC per week. Most titles fail for similar reasons. Before you submit your title, please make sure your title doesn't have these common errors.

1. Trailer not Provided - If you have a trailer, please remember to submit it. We also recommend making one if you don't have one, as many channels require a trailer. In the "Video" tab of your Dashboard, select a file in the "Upload Trailer" row.

2. Videos Over Compressed - When you submit to Filmhub, we want the highest quality broadcast master you have available. If a video you submit is over-compressed, you will be unable to submit a title for QC. Learn More.

3. Video Contains >2 seconds of Pre-Roll or Post-Roll - Make sure you have trimmed your video so there isn't extra black in the beginning or end. Channels don’t want customers to have long times in between films.

4. Video Contains URLs or Promos - Channels are licensing your content to keep people on their site, they don’t want promotions or URLs that drive the customer to a 3rd party site. Yes, this means no URLs for your Title's website or your Production Company.

5. Mistakes in Your Output - Before you upload your video for submission, watch down the entire output from beginning to end, with audio, to ensure there are no output errors introduced and everything is exactly as it should be. You are the best Quality Control for your movie content!

1. Text Tracks Out of Sync - Ensure your text track is in sync with your Video. No one wants to look at a mouth moving when the text track doesn’t match. Learn More.

1. No Sales Pitch - Many content owners forget to write a sales pitch. With Filmhub, you are the one responsible for pitching your film. Our algorithms promote you to the right Channel, but the quality of your title and your sales pitch will ultimately be responsible for if your title gets selected.

1. Artwork Contains Subtext, Billing Blocks, Laurels, URLs, or Release Dates - Streaming services want clean, professional artwork. Billing blocks, laurels, etc. are meant for print posters when you don't have accompanying metadata to accompany the artwork. Learn More.


2. Artwork Doesn't Have 5% Safe Zone - Streaming services sometimes need to crop your artwork slightly. Hence why we need a 5% Safe Zone. Learn More.


3. Artwork is Stretched or Padded - Pay close attention to the aspect ratio of the image you are submitting. Don't try adding padding or stretching an image to make it work. We won't accept it. Learn More.